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The Hex Holes - Latest List Unknown DoD Mode-S Addresses

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The Hex Holes - Latest List Unknown DoD Mode-S Addresses
« on: September 13, 2015, 07:01:19 AM »
"The Hex Holes" -- Latest List Unknown Mode-S Addresses

What appears to be holes in DoD Mode-S addresses.

These aircraft are flying, but there never seems to be any tie-ups. One can speculate that they are covert aircraft, sensitive mission aircraft, temp mission addresses, aerial refueling tankers on SpecOps missions, etc.

Some of the addresses in and around the addresses below have been tie-up with SpecOps aircraft, and FEST aircraft.
Bottom line: these Mode-S addresses are ones to watch real close.  Will call this list from now on the "Hex Hole" list.

Latest Hex Hole List 31 Aug 2015

Here is the latest "hex hole" list that I have in my database. Some of these may be new aircraft series just now testing or coming off the production line and some may be, well let's just say -- we don't know. Any tie ups would be sincerely appreciated.


ADFC00  ADFD2F  ADFD40  ADFD41  ADFDAE  ADFE01  ADFE28  ADFE2C  ADFE30  ADFE38  ADFE39  ADFE3A  ADFE50  ADFE58  ADFEB1 ADFEB2 ADFF02  AE01A3  AE0440  AE0441  AE0445  AE06E4  AE083F  AE1039  AE13D3  AE13DE  AE14D5  AE14D6  AE1514  AE171E  AE1887  AE1CAC  AE1CB0  AE1CB3  AE1CB4  AE1CE8  AE1DF3  AE205B  AE261C  AE261F  AE2623  AE42CE  AE4403  AE4D60  AE531C  AE5355  AE53D2  AE53FB  AE54C4  AE5775  AE58E1  AE58E2  AE58E5  AE58ED  AE5B44  AE8582  AE9793   AE99FB


ADFEE3  ADFEE5  ADFEF0  ADFEF9  AE01A2  AE01A6  AE042F  AE0431  AE0432  AE0435  AE043B  AE043D  AE043E  AE043F  AE0447  AE0448  AE08CE  AE097F  AE11F3  AE11F4  AE11F5  AE120D  AE1243  AE1249  AE1DD8  AE2654  AE35F9  AE47A2  AE4D64  AE5238  AE5412  AE5997  AE5998  AE5999  AE599C  AE599D  AE5BC9  AE5BC9  AE6200  AE65E1  AE702E  AE8034  AE89B0  AE89B1

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Re: The Hex Holes - Latest List Unknown DoD Mode-S Addresses
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2015, 08:01:25 AM »
"Tactical" is the word you're looking for, though not exactly a new phenomenon.
Definitely and conclusively not associated in any way, shape or form with AirNav or Kinetic.