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FlightAware Announcing PiAware 3 (Latest version: 3.3.0) - Released January,2017

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FlightAware Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.3.0)

PiAware 3.3.0 Release Notes

* New config option: mlat-results-anon (default "yes"). Set to "no" to disable sending MLAT results for blocked aircraft.

* New command-line options: -configfile, -cachedir. Can be used to run multiple copies of piaware on a single host by pointing each piaware at a different config file and cachedir.

* Updated Mode A/C support
New config option: allow-modeac (default "yes"). If enabled, dump1090-fa will decode Mode A/C if a client requests it via the Beast command protocol. Decoding Mode A/C requires additional CPU; this option may need to be disabled on low power devices. Upgrades on a Pi Zero or Pi 1 will set this to "no" during the upgrade. There is no display of Mode A/C data on the dump1090-fa web interface.
Major improvements to the Mode A/C decoder.
Greatly reduced dump1090 CPU load when processing Mode A/C data in a busy environment.

* Updated FlightAware's aircraft static data export used by dump1090.

* Allow skipping the web map history load on slow connections by appending "#nohistory" to the map URL.