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List of Virtual Radar Server (VRS) Flight Tracking pages around the world.
It will show Commercial Airlines, Military, Police, Fire, Coast Guard, Private Planes, etc. Full Aircraft Details on the VRS pages.
_________________________________________________ - Co-op of feeders... #1 VRS aircraft tracking site with the most traffic.

Tracking site for ADS-B feeders.

Showing ADS-B , TIS-B , MLAT , Mode-S and 978MHz data.

Coverage in United States , Canada , United Kingdom , Brazil , India , Pakistan and Australia and many other places around the world.

Unlike other sites, if the data is broadcast over the air, you can find it here.  There are no FAA BARR, military or other “filters”.
This opens up a whole new world of interesting traffic for hobbyists, without materially affecting security for anyone.

If it's broadcast in the clear on 1090MHz or 978MHz, and you feed it, it shows up.
This includes some of the "interesting" traffic like military, celebrity, and other flights that might otherwise be blocked on other flight tracking sites.

No need to remember any logins or passwords to watch the flight tracking on any of your devices(Computers,Smartphones,ect), and it's FREE !!!


CG-Y Military Radar
Online military MLAT Flight Tracking for the United Kingdom

CG-Y Military Radar Facebook

Simply type the following address into your Mobile Browser for the CG-Y Military Radar mobile app.

To receive the install prompts to Add the WebApp to your Homescreen,
your MUST enter the address above in your SAFARI Browser.

Air Traffic Radar allows you to track the air traffic on three different virtual radars.


360RADAR / -  Europe Flight Tracking and MLAT Virtual Radar Server -  The new name for MLAT Radar in the UK and Western Europe. (Old name:
_________________________________________________________________ ( Network Feeds
[Europe, Ireland, Germany, France, Iceland, Italy, United States & other Countries] is an open access server for the output of all Mode S devices and software.
If you have a feed and would like it included, please drop Support a line at with your receiver type and location.
Support will get back to you with the arrangements on how to feed to VRS-World. (OLD LINK)

New VRS-World Links: (New Link and Password)


Plane.Watch - Australia Virtual Radar Server (VRS) Flight Tracking Network

_________________________________________________ ADS-B VRS - Virtual Radar Server Network [Feeds from]

About server VRS Russia

VRS Russia Network -
an open public server for data output from any signal receiver Mode-S through any specialized program data.
You can use a simple dongle on RTL2832U Radarscape or cool or something homemade.
The server is powered by software open source -
VRS Russia created keen ADSB-spotting for the same enthusiastic.
Everything you see at the moment - is the data voluntarily provided by multiple users from their personal adsb-receivers.

We always welcome new participants, and especially from those regions, air situation over which have not yet shown here.
Also, we provide data service with their permission. To view them, click on the list of receivers "ADSB-HUB".
If you have adsb-receiver and you would like to see data from it appeared on our server, leave a message on the forum ADSBRADAR.RU .
There, you will receive instructions on how to connect or ask questions.

VRS Russia Network - Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia (35+ Feeds, Covers Large area) {link not working}

Russia VRS

Russia VRS

Russia (East Coast) VRS

CSIAP ADS-B feed | Kirishi | Russia [NEW]

Russia [NEW]


Russia [Link Offline*]

VRS Example Site (Heathrow, UK) (Windsor, UK) - VRS - [MLAT]
Live Data -
Live Mil & Interested Aircraft -

Kidderminster, United Kingdom VRS Today's Mil And interested Flights: - Live Logs Today's Flights: - Acars acarsdeco2 Logs:
[Copy and paste the above links into your browser window, If you get the server error message]

Manchester, United Kingdom VRS [Link Offline*]

London, United Kingdom VRS [Link Offline*]

London [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*]

London (4 Receivers)

London [Link Offline*]


Birmingham VRS

Cornwall, United Kingdom (Celtic Sea and English Channel) [Link Offline/Private Site*]

Peebles Weather (United Kingdom) - Flight Tracking (Local)

Carlisle, United Kingdom VRS

Beachley, near the small welsh town of Chepstow [Link Offline*]

Mundesley, English county of Norfolk , United Kingdom

Norfolk UK

Wick St Lawrence -  Somerset, England [Link Offline*]

Dulverton, Somerset

Dunstable Downs - Southern Bedfordshire in England [MLAT]

Leighton Buzzard, UK

Telscombe Cliffs, East Sussex, England

scotland Glasgow VRS

Hull, ENGLAND [Link Offline]

Willand, UK [NEW]

Windsor, UK [NEW]

Ireland VRS (Covers into United Kingdom) (about 6 feeds)

VRS for London, United Kingdom areas, (France, Belgium, Netherlands, United States, Vancouver, Venezuela)  (Select "Live Virtual Radar" link) [Link Offline?]


Netherlands [NEW]

VRS Portaferry, Northern Ireland

Netherlands - VRS -  [Private VRS]

Germany (4 feeds)

Germany - [NEW]

Netherlands,Belgium, Germany - VRS -


Netherlands [NEW]

Germany VRS - EDDF-ATC-Frankfurt/Main

Germany VRS [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*]

Germany VRS

EDDF - Frankfurt, Germany (4 Receivers)

Southern Germany VRS

Dutch Radar VRS - (Great coverage and Ground coverage at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport)  /

Amsterdam VRS

Virtual Radar Brazil ( Running ModeSMixer2 )

Brazil VRS - With ATC Audio (3 Receivers)

Brazil VRS [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*]

Brazil VRS - Trafego Aereo - ( - With ATC Audio (logs)

Sao Paulo, Brazil [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*]

Argentina and Chile VRS

Chile Santiago VRS [Link Offline*]

Seattle, Washington

Puerto Rico - {NEW FEED}

Hermon, Maine and Upper East Coast United States (2 feeds)

New England, Boston Mode S/ADS-B Plane Tracker VRS [Link Offline*]

Boston Area [Link Offline*]

Boston [Link Offline*]

Central, Kentucky [Link Offline*]

Chicago plane tracker  [Link Offline?]

Temecula, California , Los Angeles , Las Vegas, Nevada (7 receivers)

VRS Arizona USA [NEW]

Utah - Virtual Radar Server (VRS)
(Covers into Nevada and Idaho)

Nebraska (ACARS)

Eagle County - Vail, Colorado area - Virtual Radar Server (VRS)

Kenai (South of Anchorage, Alaska area - Virtual Radar Server (VRS) [Link Offline/Moving*]

Vermont - VRS (Offline) [Link Offline*]

Vermont VRS [Link Offline*]

Michigan (Waterford) - VRS

United States and ADSBhub Feed [Link Offline*]


Hamilton, Canada - VRS

Atlantic Canada VRS

Navigation a Saguenay - Quebec, Canada

Vancouver Island (Canada) [NEW]

Iceland VRS [Private VRS] [Private VRS]

Iceland VRS [Link Offline*]

Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Albania and Nw Turkey (Covers wide area) (5 Receivers)

Bulgaria VRS

SBS 1 Box in Kloten (Switzerland) -  Der Live ATC (Sprechfunk) von Audio. (6 receivers feeds)

Kimberley Airport in Northern Cape in South Africa - VRS [Link Offline*]

Switzerland VRS


Switzerland VRS

Switzerland VRS [NEW]

Frauenfeld, Switzerland [NEW]


Japan VRS [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*] [Link Offline?]

Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania - VRS (3 receivers)

Poland (8 Feeds)

VRS Poland - (21 receivers feeds)

Poland, Belarus, Slovakia VRS


Ukraine, Poland,Slovakia, Romania VRS [Link Offline*]

Sweden VRS [Private VRS] [Private VRS] VRS [Private VRS]


Denmark VRS

Portugal , Spain

Portugal [Link Offline*]

VRS-Madeira VRS (including Live ATC:- Ground, APP, Tower, Area)

Bosnia - covers Hungary and Croatia Slovenia

Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary -

Czech Republic - VRS (2 receivers feeds)

Prague, Czech Republic [NEW]

Republic of Macedonia 1090 PUCK - Custom Map VRS [Link Offline]

Roland Garros Airport (Sainte-Marie, Réunion Island) - VRS - (5 Receivers Feeds & 1 FLARM Receiver feed)

Spain (Online?)

Italy - [NEW]

Italy - [NEW]

France and Italy and Balearic Sea VRS

France and Belgium VRS

France and Switzerland VRS

France VRS [Link Offline*] [Link Offline*]



Plane.Watch - Australia Virtual Radar Server (VRS) Network

Sydney & Adelaide, Australia

Conder, Canberra, Australia

Brisbane, Australia [NEW]


VRS Feeds - {Note: Website Not Related with} - [Link Offline*] or

_______________________________________ VRS


Philippines VRS


Feeds all over the world


ModeSMixer2 Charts Stats Flights Map sites:


Berlin, Germany

Virtual Radar Brazil
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VRS Links Added/Checked and updated for December 1, 2014


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VRS Links Added/Checked and updated for May, 2015


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Brisbane Plane Tracker - Queensland, Australia


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Chicago ADS-B Live Flight Tracking Map
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Chicago ADS-B Flight Tracking Map

Chicago ADS-B Military/Government Observations Mode-S/ADS-B List

Chicago ADS-B View Aircraft List

Chicago Google Heat Map


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Bosnia - covers Hungary and Croatia Slovenia

None of the links works.

None of the receivers are in Bosnia. Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik are in Croatia. Not Bosnia.

Working link is here.

and it's not's mm2
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